About us

What VAKO Transport Systems does for you:

Do you want more efficiency, safety, convenience, and profit-generating loading and unloading transport equipment? VAKO gives you the advice and solutions you need to succeed.

VAKO offers 3 different innovative products for loading and unloading of sea containers and dump covering types for loose bulk goods. Since 2012 VAKO also distributes the Canadian Trout River Industries Live bottom systems for Europe. The Live- and Shuttle Floor units are supplied by VAKO for trailers as well as separately for mounting on trucks.

After started the end of 2005 by P. Koevoet and C. van Aalst some very innovative covering systems and container systems have since been designed. As respectively the robust VAKO dump cover and VAKO 20 foot container tilting trailer found their way to many satisfied customers. Besides these explicit products VAKO assists you getting your wishes completed in terms of loading and unloading of bulk material with our mobile 20ft tipping frame and stationary tilting table.

Are you looking for a reliable supplier for your equipment then you’ve just found it. At VAKO you buy many years of experience, development and confidence!