Container systems

VAKO provides three innovative container tipping systems for the transport industry 

The VAKO container tilting trailer 20ft/95° is the ultimate revolutionary container handling system on a standard trailer. The system can be mounted on any brand of semitrailer chassis. With this system you can perform various operations. You can transport 20ft containers, bring the container vertically behind the trailer to load and unload. You can also use an adapter for transport and handling of stationary silos. In combination with an open top container the trailer can be used as a regular tipping trailer. This versatile tilting trailer is the safest and strongest on the market. Combined with low maintenance and maximum user benefits VAKO  brings you the first and strongest mobile container handler on the European market.


VAKO detachable tipping container frame 20ft/60°

With the removable 20ft container frame VAKO provides container transporters an economical alternative to a expensive complete tipping trailer. With this frame you always have a quick ability to transport and unload any bulk container. The frame fits any 20/30/40/45ft containerchassis in the world! There are several options for this device suited to your needs. The frame can be equipped with 4 support legs. It can be removed with a reach truck also by using the supplied fork options. Look for additional information in the menu options.


VAKO 20ft/60°/70°/90° Container Tipping Tables

For stationary applications VAKO produces tilting tables for all different shipping containers. Tables are there for 20ft containers but also for 30, 40 and 45ft containers too. Then there is also the possibility of a tilting table all which comprehends these different containers fitted in 1.

There are several tables available, high tables where the container unloads in a hopper and there are built-in tables which are sunken in the factory floor. There are tilting tables for the entire trailer to be tilted for full and quick unloading.

The tilt angle can be given on request. The default is 60°, but 70, 80 or even 90° is possible! This is mainly done to completely empty the containers to get there without daredevil feats to have it. When it comes to “food” products it is a must if the container is completely emptied so that contamination is prevented.