VAKO 20ft 95° Container Tilting Trailer

Why a VAKO Container Tipper Trailer?

Our valued customers are using this system for fast ,efficient and safe loading of 20ft containers.VAKO is the manufacturer of this container tipping trailer that can be built on any brand of trailer chassis. With this trailer, various bulk materials from recycling and food industry, can be processed in a cost-reducing way. Several companies are  applying this innovative method of loading and unloading which decreases the number of logistics operations significantly. Making use of this new trend in transportation it’s becoming more efficient loading bulk such as scrap, minerals, aggregates and chemical products at a risk-free and environmentally conscious manner.

-Container Tilting to vertical loading position
-Vertical Container placing & releasing for loading
-Vertical Container tackle & locking for transport
-2 meter sliding for optimum weight distribution
-Stationary Silo placing & tackling & transport
-Normal container tipping 0 – 95º
-Container Trucking

With the innovative horizontal sliding device of the VAKO tipper it’s possible to slide 100% filled containers with a weight of 30 tons back and forth in order to prevent axle load problems. The individually operated telescopic hydraulic support legs ensures you that a crooked placed container can be picked up easily. The front twist-locks are hydraulically operated and the system is equipped with hydraulic door handlers for opening and closing of the container doors.

This makes someone to climb into the container and do break necking actions for the driver unnecessary. In combination with the VAKO remote control makes vertical loading & unloading operations to be controlled quickly safe from start to finish.

3-axle semi trailer chassis for VAKO Tilter System

Length: suits 1 x 20’ ft container / approx. 8.000 mm
Width: 2.490 mm
King pin load: 12.000 kg
3-axle load: 27.000 kg
Perm. total weight: 39.000 kg
Tare weight: ca. 7.500 kg, incl. Vako tilter installation
Axle spread: 1310/1310
5th wheel height: 1150 mm
Neck height: 150mm


Chassis brand to determined by the customer.  VAKO defines some specific technical details such as the composition of the neck design, the hinges and the composite main beams of both I-sections in which the cross members are applied. At the back the rear underrun protection (acc. EC-reg.) is applied incorporating the lighting.


Mounted are 3 pieces BPW or SAF axles with disc brakes, legal capacity of 9 tons per axle. The axles are equipped with air suspension and 5-way controller operating the agregate. Front axle of the tridem is performed as lift axle.


Coupling plate 12 mm, with a bolted 2 “kingpin.


Mechanically operated stablizor set, type Heavy Duty with S-feet, with 2 speeds and 2 x 12 ton capacity.


2 line WABCO EBS braking system with RSS (stability control), therefore the ABS connector of your truck must be intact. Spring-loaded parking brakes. 2S/2M EBS system. All according to the dutch legal regulations. Air connection is a yellow and red hand coupler (or Duomatic coupling).


Mounted is a complete 24Volts lighting installation with 2 x 7-pin connector (or 1 x 15-pin connector). The following lamps are fitted:

  • 2 pcs LED red / white marker lights on a rubber arm
  • 8 pcs LED orange sidelights
  • 2 pcs white LED lamps width
  • 2 pcs licence plate lamp
  • 1 pcs Round rear fog lamp
  • 2 pcs reversing lights (work lamps) in the rear panel; The wiring with waterproof connection boxes.
  • 2 pieces LED round rear lights per side


6 steel wheels, type 11.75 x 22.5, 10-hole, hub centered. 6 tires, Goodyear, type 385/65 R 22.5.


Sides with aluminum underrun protection. Tires front and rear shielded with plastic mudguards (acc. EC-reg. 78/549/EWG ff and 91/226/EWG) with anti-spray suppression acc. EC-regulations. Steel box with the hydraulic control valve, manual and emergency stop mounted on the right side. Level indicator on the rear bumper.


Semitrailer Chassis completely shot blasted, painted in primer, then sprayed in a HB chassis coating, color as desired, RAL …….. (not metallic). Various parts thermally or electrolytically galvanized. Wheels standard white or aluminium color. Plastic mudguards black.


Over the full length on both sides of the chassis is a reflection band fitted, color WHITE (or YELLOW). At the rear across the full width RED reflection tape will be applied. Marking acc. to ECE-R48.


Semitrailer is dutch (RDW) inspected, registered and equipped with GAIK licence plate. Semitrailer built to the last valid Machinery Directive and CE, and full CE certificated. Includes an instruction and maintenance manual.
Upon delivery, the user is instructed on the use of the system.


1. Hydraulic system required on the truck:

Oil tank with a capacity of about 200 liters
Hydraulic Pump 100L p/m, max pressure 350 bar
Pressure relief valve 300 bar, manually adjustable
200 liters of hydraulic fluid
Pipes and hoses, min. 1″
The truck must be equipped with a PTO.

2. Self support hydraulic system:

Hydraulic system powered by a Hatz diesel hydraulic or Geminiani_Cat powerpack with a 40 L p/m pump. Complete with tank, lines etc. The working speed is about 60% lower when the truck PTO system. All other functions are unchanged.

3. Hydraulic door handlers: For the opening and closing of the container doors in both horizontal and vertical position.

4. Semitrailer and tipping frame mettallized completely.

5. 6 pcs aluminum wheels. (Less weight approx. 21 kg x 6 = 126 kg)

6. Wabco smart board incl. Axle Indicator

VAKO 20” vertical tipping container system

Technical specifications:

Sliding and tipping capacity: 30.000 kg
Maximum tilting angle: 95°
Sliding distance: 2.000 mm
total length: 8.000 mm
overall width: 2.550 mm
Maximum hydraulic pressure: 250 bar


Various functions of the remote control:

  • Remote control function 1
  • Remote control function 2
  • Remote control function 3
  • Remote control function 4
  • Remote control function 5
  • Remote control function 6
  • Container tipping and lowering
  • Container sliding 2 meters back and forth/up and down
  • Stabilizers horizontally in and out.
  • Stabilizers vertically in and out.
  • Twist Locks for locking and unlocking.
  • Container doors opening and closing.



The tilting frame is designed with hydraulic sliding and tilting applications.

The front twist locks on the tilt frame are controlled hydraulically.

Tilting frame is provided with a tipping lock in the front position and provided with a tilting safety in this position.

Both sides of the frame are provided for the use of safety ladders, and a safety cord is included.

At the rear of the chassis 2 hydraulically extendable stabilizers, operated from the remote control.

All hydraulic functions are controlled either manually or proportional radio controlled.

The wireless remote control is equipped with an emergency stop and comes with 2 batteries and a 24V charger.

The front Twistlocks and support legs at the back are equipped with warning lights.

To use the system, the truck must be equipped with a heavy duty PTO. With minimal oil tank 200 liters.

Hydraulic pump capacity 100L p/m, max pressure 350 bar. Pressure safety set at 300 bar.

The hydraulic system of the truck is not included in the delivery.

Safety features

The VAKO container tilting trailer is designed for maximum safety for the driver and his environment. The system is manufactured to comply with all the requirements needed at the place of loading or unloading. Another advantage is that the customer does not need to take additional facilities. Moreover there is the advantage that the VAKO trailer can put-down and pick-up a random shipping container wherever you want.

VAKO  container tilting trailer – extra safety:

1. Lightweight aluminum ladder on the side of the tipping frame that can rotate and extend down to street level.

2. Fixed platform that is easily accessible for the driver to carry out operations on the vertical container.

3. Safety Cord with fall protection that protects the driver against serious injuries at unexpected fall.

4. Remote control is standard allowing the driver at all times a clear view of the work and other persons, and do not get too close to the dangerous work.

5. The hydraulic VAKO door handlers operates the container doors to open and close. This can be done in any position of the container.

6. The container can be shifted 2 meters (back&forth / up&down) at all times so that the container always can be moved in the correct position. As a result, the center of gravity always can be kept low and also during unloading of the container to be maneuvered into the correct position.

7. Hydraulically lockable twist-locks to ensure that the container is properly locked at all times and remains so. The driver does not need to climb up to the container to lock. In addition, this application is also detected by sensors and displayed on signs at the trailer side.

8. With the horizontal and vertical operable telescopic stabilizer legs you can pick up and lock any separate container with ease. But more important is that the trailer remains stable and that there is no risk of tipping over.

9. The VAKO tilting frame has high-tech hydraulic components combined with a simple construction to avoid complex situations causing high pressure when very heavy containers are treated. This also prevents accidents when leaks occur. This system works at a hydraulic pressure of only 250 bars.

10. Galvanized racks in all places where the driver must walk on the chassis. This will avoid slipping and falling.

11. As option we present a pulley with extendable tube which allows you to climb into the container. This is integrated in the system and can be served when needed.

12. The VAKO tilting trailer is designed that it does not have to be removed  during loading and/or unloading of the container. This prevents rapid unwary moments where nasty accidents can happen quickly.

13. Because the container remains locked always by the twist locks during maneuvering and transporting it creates more safety for the driver and his environment.

14. During transport the container  is placed in the front of a mechanical lock so it is locked to the trailer and remains locked. At the same time the container is in the right axle load distribution position.

15. As an option, choose to control the weight load during loading. Then it can not be overloaded, so there is no risk of fines but also less likely to have accidents.