VAKO Mobile Tipping Frame

VAKO 20ft 60º Mobile Tipping Frame

This self-supporting Tipping Frame is deployed on different (extendable) container chassis for loading 20ft containers even heavier than 20 tonnes to transport to, and to be able to dump at, the customers place. A big advantage is that the  Tipping Frame can be disassembled completely from the trailer. The total height is only 12cm. At the front we use standard supports legs and at the rear also with an option to hydraulic stabilizers. Lowering the air suspension brings the chassis down in order to drive away from the Tipping Frame. Because the frame is removable, it can easily be stored. With a forklift or spreader it can be stored or even put away on a stack containers. This saves a lot of storage space but also the fact that there are no fixed axles underneath means very little wear parts and therefore minimal maintenance costs.



Max. tipping capaciteit:            35Ton
Tipping time:                             30sec
Max. tipping angle:                   60 degrees
Overall length:                           6813mm
Overall width:                             2430mm
Overall frame height:               120mm
Tare weight:                               2000kg
Suitable for all types of 20ft sea containers!

VAKO’s Container Unloader enables fast and controlled unloading of 20ft shipping containers. By eliminating the need for expensive and container tipping chassis, this solution provides impressive return on investment. 


  • Strongest and most versatile & reliable system available
  • Incl. 4 detachable support legs to store the frame (optional hydraulic)
  • Complete self-supported operation possible (see options; HONDA/HATZ)
  • Low own weight from around the 2000kg
  • Electro-hydraulic unit 24V operation is also possible
  • Bigger tipping angles possible; 70/80/90º
  • Also to be supplied as fixed truck mounted system

This machine will take the hard work out of unloading bulk material and is efficiently and safely operated by a single person by a remote control. The VAKO Container Unloader tilts to a maximum unloading angle of 60 degrees. Whether the material is being unloaded through a grate, over an edge, or directly onto the ground, the container unloader enables extremely fast, easy and cost effective unloading. The frame can be fixed or demountable, allowing material to be unloaded to different locations on site and removing the need for fork hoists, specialised trailers or containers not to mention no double handling of the material.



A Hydr. operated support legs at the rear:

  • Hydr. horizontally in and out
  • Hydr. rotation of the support legs
  • Hydr. in and out of the support legs

B Self-supporting by Petrol engine HONDA V-twin 2-cyl. 18kW or HATZ diesel 3-cylinder engine – Silence pack.

C Light weight an easy-to-handle pocket adapters for fork lift take-away the frame and storage.                      (Loose supplied)

D Hinge before rear twist locks for a better axle load distribution combined with a sliding area for optimal unloading


Fast, flexible and efficient with this VAKO Tipping Frame