VAKO Stationary Tipping Table

VAKO Stationary Tipping Table for 20FT/60°/70°/90° Sea Containers

For stationary applications VAKO tilting tables are produced for all the different containers. There are tables only for 20ft containers but also for 30, 40 and 45ft containers too. Then there is the possibility of a tilting table which includeds these different containers together.

There are several tables available, high tables where the container unloads in a hopper or the built-in-floor table where over can be driven. There are even tilting tables which the entire trailer can be tilted and quickly be unloaded.

The tilt angle can be given on request. The default is 60 °, but 70, 80 or even 90° is possible! This is mainly done to completely empty the containers and to get there without danger to have it. When it comes to “food” products it’s a must if the container is completely emptied so that contamination is prevented.


Loading and unloading are both possible for efficient loading of all bulk-related materials. The container is placed on the table by a forklift or spreader, and we do the rest! There is also a tilting device for container trailers. In this way there is no forklift neccessary.

All VAKO tilting tables are custom made, so they can be used everywhere and always maximal employable. The tilting table can even be made mobile so loading is possible at different locations throughout your company.

There are several different tilt angles. The 60º and 70º tippers are used for unloading bulk readily releasable and the 80º and 90º tilt tables for example for difficult releasable products from the food industry. This will prevent contamination if the product is inadvertently would linger.

VAKO tilting tables can be provided with a hydraulic system to power the tilt cylinders on request. This can be executed by a generator or diesel engine, but also with an electric motor so you can work on 24V, 220V or 380V. The operation can be built on request. Manual or remote control is supplied for added safety.

The twist locks and container doors are operated manually but can also be hydraulically controlled. Moreover, these applications are fully monitored by sensors and alerts to prevent accidents to happen.

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