VAKO 1-side Cover ALU.

Features of the system:

  1. Especially for use on three side tippers which are used in road transport but also to all other tippers and containers which have to be covered.
  2. With the VAKO 1-side Cover system on your trailer or container you can still load big heaps.
  3. The cover is made of strong aluminum that remains intact during difficult circumstances.
  4. When the cover is hanging open along one side wall, the other edge remains completely free for loading.
  5. The cover have a folded height of 130cm making them well fit on higher dump bodies.
  6. The opened and folded cover have a total width of 10cm in addition to the box or container.
  7. The system is universal so you can mount it on each tub. Installation can be done by the distributor or customer!
  8. Covers can be closed, but also opened while tipping!


  1. The VAKO-1 side Cover Systems are supplied from short to long. The maximum length is 6 meters.
  2. The standard cover is mounted to the top rail with 2 hinges per side.
  3. The new 40cm headboard will protrude above the bucket. By default, this feature with see-through bars.
  4. The closed covers closes the dump body surrounding completely. At the rear rubber flaps can be mounted.
  5. The covers are opened up to 130cm below the top rail. The clean side is on the outside!
  6. You still can load up high heaps. On one side there is a torsion tube mounted.
  7. From the top rail on the covers slopes up with approximately 15 ° to the middle of the box. (roof)
  8. Mounting by manufacturer, distributor or VAKO.
  9. Hydraulic driven

Length min / max: 2000/6000
Width min / max: 1700/2600
Height of the additional headboard: 400
Height under the closed covers: 400 (in the middle)
Height of the opened covers: 1300
Angle of horizontal shutters: 15°
Material of the shutters: Aluminium profile shelves
Material of frame tubes: Steel
Color of the steel components: RAL 9011 standard (on request)

Drive System:

The VAKO covering system can be operated directly from the truck or trailer.
There should be a hydraulic pump unit with valves for actuating the cover system.
The unit can also be equipped with a radio remote control.
Sometimes, the hydraulic supply to the cover system is yet to be built on the trailer.


The VAKO cover system is hydraulically driven. The tractor or trailer must be equipped with a hydraulic system first. Sometimes the system is provided by the manufacturer already. You can choose for an optional power pack as well. VAKO does supply a optional retrofit kit with all hydraulic components to equip your vehicle yourself.


The specific components used for driving the covers are:

1 hydraulic drive units with 50mm shaft completely pre-assembled on a slider.
1 overcenter valve to prevent accidents due to unforeseen movements caused by leakage.
2 restrictor valves so that both opening and closing move at the same speed. They come in 2 speeds.
Other hydraulic components are standard on the market. We recommend to use pipes of 12mm. These components are not included in the drive unit. We can offer a optional complete kit with all suitable parts.


-Hydraulic pressure: 200bar (min.)
-Flow 10L / min. (min.)

Building up the system:

The entire construction can be done at VAKO’s, but also at manufacturers, distributors and customers themselves. The cover system is tested on proper working and approved when it’s mounted onto the vehicle at VAKO.
When the Drive Kit, covers and possibly the headboard are provided by VAKO, the client construct them onto the dump body and is responsible and should take care for a proper working of the cover. Work instructions and drawings are included made by VAKO engineering.
The hydraulic components are not included. We can supply it optionally, and their installation will be done by the customer. Fitting from truck or tractor to the headboard of the dumper body.


  1. VAKO mud container on the original dump body combined with VAKO 1-side cover system.
  2. Two dividing plates, both removable, to avoid spillage. 1 at the front and 1 at the back.
  3. Tailgate sealing on original vehicle made by VAKO. The folding covers are provided with rubber seals on the entire length.
  4. VAKO covers set in a sharp roof shape for waterproof covering of agriculture products such as grains, potatoes, onions, bulbs etc.

The VAKO-1-side Cover  keeps it dry!