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Making more money with a Trout River Trailer

Focused expertise and years of innovation have made Trout River the industry leader when it comes to manufacturing specialized trailers that get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively. Because they’re so versatile, Trout River Trailers can keep you working all year round, without having to invest in several different pieces of equipment. That’s productivity you can take to the bank.

What makes Trout River Trailers so much better? The company got their start in conveyors – the primary working mechanism of live bottom and shuttle floor trailers. And they have a history of working closely with customers to refine product details to give you broadest capabilities and the greatest return on your investment.

Live bottom trailers allow you to unload indoors or out.

You can stockpile, spread, shoulder and haul a wide variety of products, wet or dry. Trout River’s live bottom trailers are top-of-the-line for several reasons:

  • They use the strongest chain on the market — more than twice as strong as the closest competitor.
  • They use a unique conveyor that runs on a hardened rail system supported by three junior I-beams, allowing you to handle even the most demanding loads. You can reverse loads, too. Since there’s less risk of bending bars, you can count on more uptime – and that means greater profitability.
  • The signature rounded tub protects the trailer’s rear section from unnecessary wear.
  • Because the load travels on the conveyor, the trailer is just 10 feet high, making it as much as two feet lower than some other trailers on the market. That lower profile lessens the chance of getting hit by a loader bucket and enables you to transport a better payload with less wind resistance.
  • No other trailers have optional attachments. But Trout River offers a spreader attachment for back roads, parking lots and driveways and a shouldering attachment for guard rails and wash-outs as well as shouldering work. The quick-coupler lets you hook up and get back to work without wasting time when switching from one job to another.

Jobsite safety is always a concern. Live bottom trailers are safer than traditional dump trailers, because they don’t have to be raised for unloading. They also have a lower center of gravity, which reduces concerns about overhead wires or unloading on uneven ground. All that means you could well see reduced insurance costs.

Need a trailer customized just for you?

VAKO Transport Sytems can help you to do more with less. And that’s the way to make more money. You’ll want to look into Trout River when it’s time for your next trailer, think Trout River.

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