Tarp Works Flip N Go™

Flip N Go™

The Flip N Go is Europe’s number 1 sheeting solution. Generally used for covering demolition, muck, rubble, waste or other scrap products. The simple and safe operation makes it a winner with operators.

All Tarp Works Flip N Go systems come as either manual or electric operation have a heavy duty mesh sheet and a choice of various spring mounts, arms and components helping to provide you with the best choices for your vehicle. 

Features & Benefits

  • Quick, safe and easy to use
  • Meets all the latest Health & Safety guidelines
  • Covers and contains loads
  • Lightweight – Kit weighs approximately 80kgs (8×4)
  • Electric In-Cab or Manual Operation
  • Choice of Arm kit and Spring assemblies to suit your body design (see below for spring and arm options)

Flip ‘N’ Go Options

Electric Operation

Electric In Cab Operation via dash mounted rocker switch

Manual Operation

Manual Handle Operation with safety lock and clutch
– Adjustable up to 2 meters

Flip ‘N’ Go – Galvanized Steel Arms

The Arms are made of common fence pipe allowing for easy and inexpensive repairs in the field. The upper arms come with a 35-degree bend in the top section.

Under-body Mount

The only under-body mounted spring assembly in the market that is fully adjustable. The pivots can be rotated on the splined spring shaft in 7.5-degree increments for perfect arm alignment. Springs can also be added or subtracted to adjust spring tension. The spring shaft rotates on sealed bearings for smooth operation. Suits up to 12 meter Bodies.

Side Mount

The side mount is great for shorter applications up to 7 meter in length. The arm set is interchangeable with other brands and provides the perfect solution when the popular under body mount won’t fit below the body.

New Brite Arms for Under-body Mount

Aluminium Brite Arms are available for the above under-body spring mount instead of the galvanized steel arm kit. The Brite-Dip process looks great and is designed with the appearance conscious in mind. Brite arms shine is very durable and will not go dull like polished aluminium. Brite Arms are also lighter than steel arms.

Flip ‘N’ Go – Aluminium Arms

The aluminium arm system is a heavy duty, lightweight design achieved by specially extruded aluminium. Giving the operator a robust aluminium option oppose to the common steel arm systems. The extruded aluminium arms work perfectly on the bigger waste and scrap trailer applications.

Side Mount

The large torsion spring is generally mounted to the side of the body or occasionally off a bracket situated underneath the trailer. Suits up to 12 meter Bodies.

Heavy Duty Diamond Profile – Strongest In The Industry

Strongest arms available. Can cover trailers up to 14 meters

Safe and easy to operate. One hand ground control crank, option electric or hydraulic motor

Customize to meet your needs. Choose your drive, springs, and tarp

Built to last. Heavy duty aluminum construction

Easy to install. Flexible in width and length