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VAKO covers it completely!

[quote]VAKO covers it completely![/quote]

Always covered

VAKO helps the agricultural entrepreneur to cover his loads quickly and safely. All VAKO covering systems can easily cover all high loaded heaps entirely. When the covers are open they are parallel with the tub side wall and can not be damaged. All covers are robust and guaranteed strong so they have a long life.


Since the delivery of the first VAKO covering systems there are delivered hundreds in the Netherlands and abroad. The VAKO systems are universally applicable for all types of tipper, dumpers, ground silage wagons and manure spreaders. VAKO supplies and installs systems in house but building it yourself is also possible.


VAKO covering systems are all including the very strong VAKO hydraulically operated drive box. In practice, this means 100% reliability in comparison with an electric motor. Another advantage is that there are no thick wiring with high currents need to be placed through the vehicle.

Covering material

There are different types of covering material such as aluminum, net, elastic fabric and plastic sheeting. The aluminum profile boards are composed in a very strong steel frame and the tarps and net are connected by means of a tendon profile, which always remains taut between the covers and divert the rainwater from the load. VAKO supplies covering systems for each product of potatoes to asphalt and grains to scrap.

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