VAKO Live Floor trailer for Zwahlen Handel and Transport from Switzerland

VAKO recently delivered a feat again. To Swiss customer Zwahlen Trade and Transport a Live Floor band comes loose. The trailer has a large number of innovative solutions that together make this trailer very efficient and can used all year round. The efficient and accurate trailer is equipped with a Cup Engineering asfaltsprider  for asphalt repairs.

The trailer is equipped with a Trout River Live Floor System, proportional controlled to operate. The floor moves two sides and therefore can run the load back in again. Then the container is equipped with aluminum VAKOkap covers that covers the load guaranteed. Because asphalt is transported to the inside of the box mainly, a plastic liner is mounted. This liner is very tough, isolates, and has anti-adhesive characteristics to ensure that the content of the container ends up on belt by itself.

The Canadian Trout River box is self-supporting and therefore only needs a limited chassis. This GS Meppel chassis has also two VSE ETS2 steered 10 ton axles combined with MAN tractor provides the perfect drive-ability. The maneuverability increases, there is less tire wear and ease of installation and the weight is minimal.

In addition, VAKO provides an insulation to the container to keep the asphalt warm longer. The luxurious finish of stainless steel plates was carried out at the request of the customer. Once the sprider is disconnected from the box it can be used as a alternative of a regular tipping trailer. Therefore, the system is equipped with a hydraulically operated tailgate and dosing valve combined with a pneumatic locking mechanism.

By lowering the chassis the sprider can easily and quickly dropped. The Sprider can be placed or moved on parking wheels. Then there may be other applications – such as a gravelspreader or a conveyor belt – to be attached.

VAKO has – in collaboration with Cup Engineering – completed this combination with a radio remote control system. With this remote control all functions can be operated. So the entire assembly can be controlled by the driver of the tractor, trailer and Sprider.






For more information about this trailer, do not hesitate to call with VAKO +31-71-3410705 or send an e-mail to

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